Gallery Artists

Salmon Galleries is pleased to present a variety of works from our growing base of artists. The works on show will vary from time-to-time, and we are regularly holding exhibitions on a wide range of themes.

Artists represented include: ABORIGINAL ARTISTS Avital Sheffer Bibi Barba


Avital Sheffer
Peregrinations II

Carmel Nicholson Christine Porter Conchita Carambano Debbie Mackinnon Eva Ilona Molnar James Fearnley Jenny Sages Jill Wilson John Butler John Campbell John Gilfillan Joy Lukunic Judy Pennefather Julie Harvey Karen Atkins Ken Granneman Laurie Mossuto Leon Pericles Margie Sheppard Marion Pearson Mark Payne Ngaire Wills Peter Mortimore Rebecca Rath RileyBurnett Rodney Black Sarissa Shannon Garson Suzanna Lang Tracey Keller
Please see our Exhibitions page for details of the works and the artists contributing to our past, present and future exhibitions.

Featured below are representative works by all our artists.
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