Art Collecting And Investment

Beginning and building upon an art collection is a lot of fun and can also be financially rewarding. Many collectors today are looking for artworks they want to live with now and profit from later on.

Collecting high quality, unique pieces at an affordable price is both alice-nampitjimpa-womens-body-painting-for-ceremonies-122x76cm-150exciting and challenging. It usually means searching out the mid-career and early career artists at the lower end of the market who have made a demonstrated commitment to their art training and practice and who have already attained the basis of a solid reputation amongst art collectors.

How can Salmon Galleries help you?

  • By presenting unique and affordable investment paintings and sculpture by contemporary emerging artists, along with collectable works on paper by well known, established artists
  • By offering advice about buying and collecting contemporary art. Our advice is based on our years of experience in the art business, our familiarity with the contemporary art market and our sound knowledge of art history and practice.
  • By presenting free, ‘after hours’ art appreciation talks
  • By encouraging collectors to explore the possibilities of sculpture, ceramics and photography
  • By reminding collectors that first and foremost, art is a lifestyle investment – it has the capacity to enrich us all by nurturing our spirits and restoring harmony to our busy lives.For financial advice about investment and the tax implications of investing in art, please click here .


Our artist being featured currently is ABORIGINAL ARTISTS

Paintings by well-known artists from the Central and Western Deserts
Gloria Petyarre – Kathleen Petyarre – Minnie Pwerle – Josie Petrick Kemarre – Daisy Napaltjarri Jugadai – Molly Napaltjarri Jugadai – Jorna Nelson Napurrula – Lilly Kelly Napangardi – Pansy Napangardi – Mitjili Napurrula – Narputta Nangala – Ngoia Napaltjarri Pollard – Walangkura Napanganka – Walala Tjapaltjarri – Ningura Napurrula – Alice Nampitjimpa – Graham Tsupurrula – Anmanari Napanganka Nolan – Topsy Peterson Napangardi – Anastasia Bundey Kemarre

The paintings in this collection are by well-know artists from the Central & Western Deserts. Each piece has been carefully selected for its intrinsic aesthetic value and because of the contribution it makes to the vibrant expression of contemporary Aboriginal spirituality and culture.